We have the new breed - Briard and new photos Pomeranian. 

                                      Welcome in my World of Soft sculptures.

     All my toys are made by hand. Each toy is unique and unrepeatable. Each toy has its own character and soul. And I hope, when toy will come to your house, it will have the name.
     The Toy's height vary from 18 up to 25 centimetres at the withers. For their coat I use a high-quality long-hair artificial plush fur. All Toys with the soft stuffed inside, but they have a skeleton that allows you to change the pose toy.Their noses are carefully sculpted by hand, his eyes are made from high quality glass.
      I use in work of the photos of the real dogs for the exclusive orders .
      My toys can be are not only a gift for yourself and friends, but also a great prize in Dog Shows and in the competitions.
                                          Have a nice time on our site.

                                            Svetlana Demchenko


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